Young at Art

Exploration Classes for 1 1/2 - 5 years

Your child has an insatiable desire to touch, squish, pound, roll, splat. And as they do, they are understanding their world better; they are finding joy in creating; they are building valuable skills like fine motor coordination and planning. And best of all, they are gaining confidence and experiencing joy.

Through gently led exploration in color, paint, clay, collage, dripping, shaking, spinning and more, your child will joyfully plunge into this very hands-on learning experience.

We provide all the materials, and the mess stays in our studio!

Fridays, 11 - 11:45 am

4-week Classes

Each week, your child will go on an art adventure: while painting with shaving cream, spinning art, creating collage and immersing your child in color, texture and form, you both will love this creative journey. Each 4-week session features a project that you will take home to enjoy.


 1607 Laurens Road, Suite 105B

Greenville, SC